Top 10 Hollywood Action Movies In 2013

Hollywood action movies are one of those movies which are not just full of entertainment but people go watch them because of the element of excitement and exhilaration that these movies give to us.  Action movies has always been the most favourite among youngsters and elderly people both who are always thrilled and feel anxious to see these sensational action movies and also wait enthusiastically for the upcoming parts and sequels of them. Generation after generation they are the most favorite genre of movies among the movie lovers. Since Hollywood is the most multi-purpose industry of all times it is known as the production which is far ahead than any other film industries of this world. The credit although goes to the directors that present the movies in a way that makes the audience love them and get fascinated towards them. Following is a list of top ten action movies that Hollywood has presented this year. Some of these movies have been  released while others are yet to come.

1. The Last Stand:


 Norieg who is one of the disreputable drug alliance leader has escaped from the FBI prison and has headed towards the border of Mexico with a group or gang of his where the only thing that is being a hurdle in his path is the sheriff and the untested staff of his.  The most impressive thing about this movie is its characters.  This movie although is an English language inauguration of the impressive and a very famous Korean director Kim Jee-Woon and also his cinematographer. Schwarzenegger’s, who is the hero of this film, made his first leading man role debut through the movie after ten years almost.


2. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters:


Being similar to the movie of evil dead part II, this movie covers the story of two siblings, Hansel and Gretel. 15 years ago they encountered a gingerbread house incident in which they lost their parents who were killed by the witches later turning them into sturdy and prevailing witch hunters.   For most of the people it was    a very pleasurable, quickly paced, humorous, very well acted, good looking adventure flick. The    look   concomitant with it, and the striding was admired by many.  This   movie gives interesting idea to include contemporary weapons in the middle period ages. There were additionally   a number of very imperturbable looking sets, like the candy house.  Sound was one of the issues concerned but overall its effects were good and people are looking forward for the sequel of this movie.


3. Bullet to the Head:


This movie has brought about Sylvester Stallone in to the center stage of the Hollywood action movies and has made him the legend of all the times. There are no macho looking friends of his in the movie as we saw in The Expendables. The story is about a hit man and his career whose name is Jimmy Bonomo who has been double played by his workers which has caused them the death of his partner Louis. Later he gets loomed by a cop who wants his help in solving the murder case of his companion. For a lot of people this year The Last Stand was a lot of fun, and this will be as well if they are a big fan of action movies, they will be pleased that these old guys are putting this stuff with compost movies like Twilight and Harry potter.


4. Jack The Giant Slayer:


This movie is actually fantasy and an adventure film which is based on the Beanstalk fairy story.  The plot revolves around a farmhand named Hoult who is very young but opens up the gate between humans and the formidable race of giants which were thought to exist in legendary stories only.  The giants later tried to claim their land that they had lost once but Jack must fight against them and win the love of the beautiful, brave princess. Although the movie is not very excellent and pretty but it is fun to watch. It  relies  on   an   predictable  kind  coupled with  story, but  it   implements   for its   most   section  due  to help  consistent pacing in addition to   the  courteously realized character expedition  intended for  Jack.  Your own description may have glitches, but nothing the mainstream of people will usually be concerned with.

5. A Good Day to Die Hard:


 According to most of the people this part was the only movie that actually made sense to them and still this movie is as simple to get as it was in the first part. Bruce Willis has played the character of a cop which has been stuck into an impossible situation that has caused him to take down single-handedly a bunch of bad boys. The script was very decent and people enjoyed the action in every minute of this movie, and John McClane’s acting is of reverence here unlike all the other moves he has done.


6.  Olympus Has Fallen:


In this movie a former governmental guard (role played by Butler) found himself in an unbearable situation in which he is stuck inside the white house in the wake of North Korean attack by the terrorists but with all his knowledge he works with the security forces and managed to save the president from any harm. “Olympus has fallen” was as satisfying as an action thriller is hoped for by the people and this movie was throughout   the irresistible premise. Although it is too derivative to be called as a classic movie but the ambitiousness of this movie has made it dissimilar from others.


7. G.I. Joe: Retaliation:


Right after they got ambuscaded, G.I. Joes obtain themselves hostile with both Cobra along with the Cobra-infiltrated U.S. Government and so the plot of this movie revolves around this storyline. Brief moments of dialogues and lots of fighting in this movie have made it one of the most overwhelming action movies of the year. Because the plot of the movie was   thin its but the action was actually nonstop.  The idea   is usually ferocious, but the   fight maneuvering is actually remarkable. It  ran  a  little  long-lasting  but  was  stunning  to watch especially  in 3D.


8. Oblivion:


Movie takes us to the future where the surface of the earth has irradiated so much that its shape is beyond our imagination and the offcuts of human race are now living above the clouds and are trying to be safe from the savaging aliens and their brutal acts. The striking visuals and the performance given by Tom Cruise is one of the nicest things about this movie and with this advantage this movie has managed to live fully to the grand motivations everyone hoped for.

9. Iron Man 3:


Some of the fragments of the movie has although borrowed from the novel Extremis but revolves around Tony Stark who is fighting against the virus that has binge against the nontechnology. It is ingenious, unquestionably very funny movie and most of all bears all the trademarks of a film’s British co-writer but the presence of its still have two major queries if in order to be transformative the twist is fair enough and if it salvages as to what lies at the each side of it.


10. Man of Steel:


The plot of this movie revolves around a young boy who with the passage of time learns about his extraordinary powers and realizes that he doesn’t belong to this earth as he thought.  His journey consists of his discoveries about the place he has come from and why he was sent to the earth. There’s plenteously to like in this film. But by the time we reach the battering extravagances of the last half-hour it’s tough to shake the sense that this was a prospect which could not be missed.


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